Injury Law

Since 1983, our firm has represented hundreds of seriously injured people against responsible parties to account for the harm their negligence caused. We have a three-decade-long record of success in winning full and fair compensation for clients who have suffered a host of different injuries.

Labor Law

Our firm has been dedicated to the cause of working people, representing them and their Unions in the fight for better wages, benefits and working conditions since our founding in 1983. We represent Unions small and large, private and public sector, including the California Teachers Association.

Employment Law

Employees have rights but often feel powerless when those rights are violated by an employer. If you’ve been discriminated against on the basis of age, race, sex, disability, or pregnancy — or if you’ve faced sexual harassment or wrongful termination — we can help.

Workers’ Compensation

As part of our firm’s longstanding commitment to the working people of San Diego County, we have attorneys who specialize Workers’ Compensation law and a dedicated staff who assist them in their efforts on behalf of injured workers.