Labor Law



Since its founding in 1983, our firm has been dedicated to the cause of working people — representing them individually in wrongful termination and employment discrimination cases, representing them when they are injured, and representing their Unions in the fight for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

When you have the benefit of Union representation on the job, you have a valuable workplace advocate — and an affordable one at that! Your Union negotiates with your employer to achieve a “collective bargaining agreement” which will define your wages, benefits, working conditions and your “rights” on the job for a certain period of time.

When your rights under this agreement are threatened or violated, a grievance procedure is available to challenge the violation. In the private sector, such a grievance procedure typically ends with a binding decision by a neutral outside arbitrator after a full and fair hearing. Your Union representative can intervene on your behalf, when appropriate, to address workplace problems before they escalate and threaten your job security.

Our firm’s attorneys who specialize in labor law provide a variety of professional services to our Union clients in order to help them effectively represent you, including:

  1. assistance with the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and with other negotiations over proposed changes to wages, hours or working conditions;
  2. representation in arbitrations conducted under the collective bargaining agreement, whether to defend an employee against discipline or discharge, or to enforce a provision of the agreement applicable to one or more employees;
  3. offering legal advice and analysis about grievances and other issues related to employees’ rights;
  4. assistance in prosecuting unfair practice charges before the appropriate government regulatory agency when an employer violates certain laws;
  5. offering legal advice and representation during organizing campaigns;
  6. representation in civil service hearings, whether to defend an employee against discipline or discharge, or to enforce their rights under the civil service rules; and,
  7. representation in state personnel board proceedings.

Our Clients

Our firm currently provides professional legal services to the following Union clients who represent employees in the public sector:

Our firm currently provides professional legal services to the following Union clients who represent employees in the private sector:

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Education Law (CTA)

In 1996 the California Teachers Association (CTA) selected our firm to provide legal representation — under a Group Legal Services Plan — to its members who are K-12 certificated employees (for example, teachers, counselors, librarians, nurses), or community college faculty and counselors employed by public school or community college districts in San Diego, Imperial and Riverside Counties.  Since then, our experience and expertise in enforcing the important rights guaranteed by California’s comprehensive (but complicated) Education Code have been brought to bear on behalf of hundreds of CTA members who needed capable, knowledgeable and dedicated advocates.

  • We have successfully defended certificated employees and faculty in suspension and dismissal proceedings.
  • When appropriate and directed by our clients to do so, we have negotiated separation agreements for teachers or faculty members facing discipline or dismissal on terms that were fair.
  • We have successfully challenged school districts who have denied teachers their entitlement to permanent or tenured status and its corresponding protections under the Education Code.
  • We have protected the rights of K-12 public school teachers when they have been faced with reductions in force or lay-offs.
  • We have defeated public school employers’ improper attempts to collect on untimely claims of alleged overpayment of wages.
  • We have enforced teachers’ rights to more favorable placement on a school district’s salary schedule based on years of experience and education.
  • We have protected teachers against improper demands to submit to highly invasive psychiatric evaluations.
  • We have litigated and won discrimination / retaliation claims on behalf of K-12 teachers and community college faculty members — as well as on behalf of many other people employed in different occupations.
  • We have succeeded in procuring reasonable accommodations for K-12 teachers with disabilities when the accommodations enabled them to continue to perform the essential functions of their job — as we have also done on behalf of many other persons with disabilities in other occupations. See Disability Discrimination.

If you are a CTA member and have a work-related problem, you may be eligible for a referral to our law firm for a consultation or other assistance. Contact the CTA office which serves your CTA chapter or affiliate to inquire about a referral.

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