Employment Law

“Dear Andrew, I can’t imagine this world without people like you: caring, kind, knowledgeable, dedicated and truly doing your best for others.  No words can express my heartfelt gratitude for all you have done for me.  I appreciate you!  Thank you.”  Lillian N.

“I can’t thank [Andrew] enough for the guidance and help you provided during this process.  You kept us on track, focusing on the issues, gave us appropriate wording…  You gave us wisdom and directed our steps.  Thank-you!  We will certainly recommend you to family and friends.”  – D.R.

“Ann (Smith) is a true blessing for us (City) workers – I do not think most of us are truly aware of her abilities. Her empathy towards workers cannot be matched by many.” – Mark H

“Thank you for everything! You helped me through a difficult situation with compassion and excellence. My family and I are very grateful. I hope to never require your firms services again, but would recommend you in a heart beat to any friend in need.” – Grace D.

“Thank you for your support. It meant the world to me!” – Christine R.

“Thanks a ‘million’.” – Don N.

“We are pleased to have had you, and all the assistance you provided for my case, as well as the friendship of knowing you, and your capabilities of winning my case. It was a tough one. We think of you often and always will. You have our best for your continued career and winnings.” – Wayne D.

“While supposedly a person of words, I find myself void of the ones that might best express the depth of my appreciation to you for your excellence in handling my case. You have, personally, been everything that I could ever have wished for — not only as a counselor, but especially as a person I could trust, whose integrity and compassion was balanced by wisdom and capable articulation. Thank you, Thank you for all that you are, and all that you have done.” – Peggy M.

“I admire what you did. It was the right fight and you did it the right way.” – John A.

“Thank you for your skillful diligence in preparation & presentation of my case, all the time & effort. No one could have done better. Also many thanks to your staff.” – Judy

“We would like to express our gratitude for the professional handling of our suit…Your staff was always courteous and very helpful in all areas from the initial interview, through the billing of legal services rendered, and finally to the successful settlement. Our attorney conducted every phase of the suit in a most professional and impressive manner. Her support during the discovery, her determination during the depositions, and her encouragement during those especially trying times near the end were reassuring when there was doubt in our own minds as to the progress of our case…A job well done and our wishes for continued success.” – Robert & Barbara T.

“Thank you for your expertise and competence. It sure is nice being able to look to pros like you — you are truly great at your craft.” – Jeff S.

“In my book, you are a STAR. You made the worst situation that has ever happened to me enjoyable and I will never be able to thank you enough.” – John R.

“As I reflect over this last year where I was and where I am today, I am amazed. I have you to thank for that. I will be forever grateful.” – Diane F.

“Thanks for all the hard work you did on Bill’s behalf…You helped both of us get through an incredibly difficult time.” – Kathy M.

Employment Law